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Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Roof Damage?

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It depends, but usually, your policy’s dwelling coverage protects the roof of your home.

The most important thing is what damaged your roof.


What Caused The Damage To Your Roof? 

Your policy will cover roof damage from unforeseen events like storms.

For example, if a windstorm tears shingles from your roof, or hail dents the gutters, your insurer will cover losses up to the coverage limit.

You can find your coverage limit on your policy’s Declarations Page.

There are some losses that a policy won’t cover. These are called “exclusions”. For example, there might be a windstorm exclusion if you live close to the coast and frequently experience harsh winds.

You can ask your agent or read your policy for a complete list of exclusions.

Note that you might need to buy additional coverage if you have multiple roofed structures on your property.


Here’s What Your Insurance Company Covers

Before your insurer grabs the check, you need to pay your deductible. After that, your insurer will cover the losses up to the stated policy limit.

Most policies will specify how they place a value on roof damage.

For example, your policy could agree to pay the actual cash value (ACV) up to the replacement cost when the damage occurred.

ACV is the cost to replace with something similar and of the same quality minus the depreciation.

Replacement cost is just ACV without subtracting depreciation.