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Pet Insurance: Protect Your Pet And Your Bank Account

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We love our pets. We feel deeply connected to them and will do everything we can to give them the best life possible.

Pet insurance is essential because it helps ease the cost of quality pet care and protects owners from veterinary bills if their pet is injured or becomes ill.

The plans offered by most insurance companies only cover dogs and cats. Still, in some cases, other exotic, domesticated animals like birds, rabbits snakes, pot-bellied pigs, or other reptiles are covered.

Although pet insurance is property-casualty insurance, the policies function more like human health insurance.

The one major difference being most animal insurance companies exclude pre-existing conditions as well as hereditary or congenital conditions.

Most general animal health directives do not cover any health or preventive measures such as annual examinations, vaccinations, and castrations. In some cases, routine teeth cleaning is covered.

Other non-traditional treatments are available and can be covered by insurance.

For example, behavioral therapies for anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder can be covered if the animal is traumatized by a bad owner or is attacked by another dog.

Some insurance companies stop accepting pets at a certain age, and many companies have to wait before the benefits begin.

The actual monthly cost of the policy will depend on many variables, including species, race, gender, age, location, and coverage selected and deductible. Plans do not have a life insurance-related death benefit, although they can cover euthanasia.

Pet insurance is not for everyone, but if you can find an affordable policy, it could save you a lot on veterinary bills.