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Why Embrace Pet Insurance is Right for Your Cat

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Every cat owner is all too familiar with unexpected trips to the vet and how tough it can be to keep up with vet bills.

Expenses for these small furry pets can run from a few hundred dollars for spaying and kitten wellness to thousands of dollars for cancer treatments. As cats age, they are more susceptible to illness and injury.

Choosing a pet insurance company is important to help to defray these costs and to keep our cats healthy. With so many choices, however, pet owners may not know where to start.

Embrace Pet Insurance offers comprehensive insurance for cats and kittens, unique wellness plans, and diminishing deductible options.

This article presents an overview of some of Embrace’s main features, such as coverage, discounts and deductibles, and routine care plans, as well as how Embrace compares with similar pet insurance companies.

Embrace’s Cat Insurance Policy Provides Comprehensive Coverage

Embrace’s comprehensive “nose-to-tail” insurance reimburses up to 90 percent of bills for the following conditions and treatments:

  • Accidents (examples: car accident, swallowed foreign object)
  • Alternative therapies and rehabilitation (examples: chiropractic manipulation, physiotherapy)
  • Behavioral therapy (examples: therapy for unwanted scratching or litter box problems)
  • Breed-specific and genetic conditions (examples: patellar luxation, congenital hypothyroidism)
  • Cancer (examples: fibrosarcoma, lymphoma)
  • Chronic conditions (examples: feline asthma, arthritis)
  • Dental illnesses, available in some states, up to $1000 per year (examples: feline tooth resorption syndrome, dental fractures)
  • Diagnostic testing (examples: biopsies, fecal exams)
  • Emergency veterinary care (examples: hairballs, urinary tract infections)
  • Hospitalization and surgery (examples: medical waste fees, anesthesia, rehab)
  • Illnesses (examples: diabetes, fever)
  • Prosthetics and mobility devices (examples: prosthetic limbs, mobility carts)
  • Veterinary specialist care (examples: ophthalmologists, oncologists)
  • Take-home prescription medications, optional in some states (examples: allergy medication, insulin)

In addition to the above, Embrace Pet Insurance includes exam fees (also called consultation fees). Exam fees can be over $100 but are part of Embrace’s comprehensive coverage.

An accident-only plan is available for cats 15 years of age and older.

Embrace’s Cat Insurance Plan Covers Some Curable Pre-existing Conditions 

Like most other insurers, Embrace does not cover routine care, such as pregnancy, deliberate injuries, and ear-shaping, tail docking, and other cosmetic procedures (see their website for a complete list).

Embrace also does not cover pre-existing conditions. It is defined as “any injury, illness, or irregularity noticed by you or your veterinarian before the end of your waiting period.” This includes conditions for which the cat has never been treated or examined.

However, unlike most other insurers, Embrace distinguishes between curable pre-existing conditions and those that are incurable. Some treatable pre-existing conditions such as respiratory infections or diarrhea may be covered if the cat is free of symptoms and does not require treatment for one year. After enrolling their cat or kitten, owners can request a medical history review for more information.

Save With Discounts and Deductibles

Embrace offers several discounts and deductibles to make insuring felines more affordable.

  • Healthy Pet Deductible. Embrace’s unique Healthy Pet Deducible, included at no cost, offers a $50 reduction in the annual deductible for each reimbursement-free year of accident and illness claims. For example, if a policy owner has no claims for two years, two $50 credits are applied to the deductible, one in each year. If, in the third year, the owner has a claim of $500, a total of $100 Healthy Pet Deductible credit will be applied toward the deductible. At that point, the Healthy Pet Deductible reverts to zero until the next year.
  • 10 percent multiple pet discount. Owners insuring more than one pet automatically receive a 10 percent multiple pet discount. (Note that this discount is 5 percent in New York and Rhode Island.)
  • 10 percent employee benefits discount. A 10 percent employee benefits discount may be available at some companies that partner with Embrace or for staff at veterinary practices where Embrace is promoted. Company and vet Human Resource managers can let owners know if they qualify. (Note that this discount is 5 percent in Tennessee, and it is not available in Florida, Hawaii, North Dakota, and Rhode Island.)
  • New York discounts. Finally, state-specific discounts for New York policyholders include a 5 percent ACH discount, 5 percent annual pay discount, and 5 percent spay/neuter discount.

A Preventative Pet Insurance Plan

Even though routine care is not part of accident and illness coverage, pet owners can purchase Embrace’s preventative care plan, Wellness Rewards, to help with grooming and other routine costs.

Examples of reimbursable items include but are not limited to claw trimming, wellness exams, nutritional supplements, teeth cleaning, and preventatives for fleas, ticks, and heartworm.

Three Wellness Rewards plans are available: $250 yearly allowance, $450 annual allowance, and $650 annual allowance.

These plans can be changed after each renewal period to meet the needs of growing or aging cats. There is no copay for wellness clams, and the Wellness Rewards program is charged separately from accident and illness policies.

What About Routine Care?

Costs of routine care

Even the healthiest cats have costs related to routine care, such as wellness visits, spaying and neutering (for kittens), medicated shampoos, and vaccinations. Pet owners can expect to pay about $250 for adult cats per year and $450 for the first year of owning a kitten.

Routine care plan comparisons

Embrace’s Wellness Rewards plan compares favorably to similar pet insurance plans offered by Nationwide, Pets Best, and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Only Embrace offers flexible rather than fixed or preset reimbursement. While other pet insurance plans place cost limits per item, Embrace offers yearly allowance amounts (see the section above)

Embrace vs. Other Pet Insurance Options

How does Embrace compare with other pet insurance companies, such as 24PetWatch, AKC Pet Insurance, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, Figo, Healthy Paws, Nationwide, PetFirst, and Petplan. Pets Best, Trupanion, or Banfield?

Only Embrace offers all of the following features:

  • Flexible wellness plan
  • Exam fees included in the coverage
  • Coverage for alternative therapies and behavioral care
  • 24/7 pet health line
  • 14-day illness waiting period
  • Coverage for preventable conditions
  • Option for medical history review
  • Diminishing deductible plan
  • Single comprehensive policy

Owners can request a coverage quote by filling out an online form.

COVID-19 information for Embrace Policyholders

Embrace is not experiencing changes to hours or services during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, to avoid delays during this time, Embrace encourages policy owners to use the MyEmbrace online account or Embrace Pet Insurance app for claims, coverage reviews, and other policy matters.